The cost of registration is determined by the date of registration. The three registration categories are "Early", "Late" and "Final" (also known as Beer-nefaction).


Register for your route length on or before July 31, 2017, at midnight.
1/2 Barrel Route (13.1 miles): $60.00
1/6 Barrel Route (4.37 miles): $40.00
Register for your route length on August 1 through October 2, 2017, at midnight.
1/2 Barrel Route (13.1 miles): $70.00
1/6 Barrel Route (4.37 miles): $50.00
Register for your route length from October 3 (10 am) through October 30, 2017.
1/2 Barrel Route (13.1 miles): $95.00
1/6 Barrel Route (4.37 miles): $70.00
Each of our courses has a participant capacity. A total of 1200 runners will be allowed to register for the 1/2 Barrel Route and 425 runners to the 1/6 Barrel Route.

**Due to traffic control issues on our 1/6 Barrel Route, the "walking" category of this race was eliminated in 2016 and the overall number of registered runners reduced to 425.

As soon as registration is open, 1100 of the 1/2 Barrel slots and 400 of the 1/6 Barrel slots can be purchased. These slots will be available through October 2 at midnight (or until they are filled), whichever comes first.

The remaining 100 slots for the 1/2 Barrel Route and 25 slots for the 1/6 Barrel Route will not become available until October 3 at 10 am. Final registration will then close on October 30 at midnight (or as soon as all spaces are full).

So what exactly is Beer-nefaction? (Well, it's benefaction... but more beer-related.)
Once our event closes for Early and Late Registrations, a limited number of Beer-nefaction (or Final Registration) slots will be made available for those still wishing to enter the race. As the Tyranena Beer Run is, first and foremost, a fundraiser for local charities, fees from these last entries will go a long way to supporting important causes in our community.
What are the benefits?
Runners receive entry into a sold-out event and roughly 50% of their registration fee will go directly to the charities the event benefits (versus approximately 20% of other registration categories).
How do I register for a Beer-nefaction slot?
As with our other registration categories, runners will need to register online via our registration website. When the spots become available, the registration link will become active.

When does online registration close for Beer-nefaction slots?

Slots will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and online registration will close once the Beer-nefaction slots are sold-out or on October 30, whichever comes first.
So.... Why did we create this "Beer-nefaction" category?
For the past handful of years, we have met (if not exceeded) our registration goals. And, while that is a fantastic problem to have, it means that we often have to turn away well-meaning (and very disappointed) people. So... what do we do? How do we fill our registration capacities but limit the amount of people who are unable to participate? Well, we hope the answer is beer-nefaction!

Our approach is one inspired by Ironman events. In 2014, we enacted this graduated release of the limited race slots available and it seemed to work well. This way we are  still able to offer participants a benefit to registering early but also provide an avenue that doesn't necessarily bar those who have procrastinated from participation entirely. And, hopefully, we will also raise even more money for our charities... And that's a win for everyone!